Action Foto has designed and produced many full color pictorial layouts for Advertisements, Articles and Magazine Covers for several of our clients. Some of these have appeared as full page ads, photo articles and cover pictures in high quality magazines such as Architectural Digest, The Robb Report, Design Times, Design NJ, HOUSE Magazine and various trade publications. Others have been used in local circulars and flyers distributed to people’s homes.

We have a color-calibrated computer editing system, which meets the publishing industry standards. With this system, we provide all the elements for publishing print ads, including the layout and design concepts, ad file preparation, client review and approval, working closely with the publisher for precise file requirements (which varies from publisher to publisher), submission of the files to the publisher and service bureau, final color proofing, and finally, publication.

The result of all of this is a published ad that has the proper composition, colors and shading…  like the original design.

The printing process for mass media can lead to major disappointments if all these steps are not carried out in detail. Action Foto’s experience in this area provides all the protection you will ever need for the desired result.

Here are a few examples of full page ads that we designed and produced for major publications: