Landscape and Hardscape Photography requires a combination of artistic and technical skills, good equipment, and of course, good weather. Having an “eye” for the critical angles to capture the scene at its best, the selection of key details to photograph, and judging the best time of day for the right highlights and shadows, comes from continuous activity in this highly specialized photographic field.

Action Foto’s many years of experience in photographing landscaping and hardscaping includes:

  • Estates
  • Residences
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Sites
  • Parks and Monuments
  • Swimming Pools, Spas & Water Features

Many of the hardscape photographs in the gallery below were taken during the more than 10 years that we were the primary photographers for the annual EP Henry Catalogs.

We specialize in twilight and nighttime photography and we produce stunning pictures of “lightscaping” installations.

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