Action Foto began photographing Swimming Pools, Spas and Water Featuress in the mid 1970’s, primarily for the APSP (formerly NSPI) and NESPA Design Awards Competitions, as well as for Salesman’s Portfolios and Showroom Display.

Over the years, we have produced more than our fair share of Gold, Silver and Bronze award winning entries in the northeast. As a result, we have developed a technique for “posing” pools, spas and water features to be winning entries.

We do more than more than just take pictures… we provide property-owner release forms, clean up and arrange the area for the best possible photos, produce beautiful prints (for sales portfolios and competition), and assist you in the entry selection process.

Pools, spas, fountains and waterfalls look especially beautiful at night, and we’ve perfected our techniques for producing stunning night photos.

Most of the pools, spas and water features shown in this gallery include several views, which are typical of the photos selected for the industry awards competitions

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